Hillary leads intimate retreats for writers which explore story and the creative process using meditation and mindful movement as well as writing exercises to enhance connections between the body, mind, heart and writer’s voice. Her retreats create a safe space for exploration and experimentation. Exercises are designed to help the writer drop into the present moment non-judgmentally, allowing whatever arises in the well of memory or imagination to be fully present and available for exploration with a soft heart and a sharp mind.

She also coaches writers individually to develop new work or refine what is already on the page. Having struggled with and overcome a major spiritual crisis that impacted her own writing, she knows how to help others who may feeling stuck or who may find themselves in some kind of spiritual or creative quagmire.

She believes that each of us has a special gift or true calling that we must discover and claim; that we must cultivate that gift by going full out after it, constantly aiming to improve, and that we best serve our gift by releasing expectations for particular outcomes and doing our work recognizing our true selves, that is to say, by remembering that we’re part of a large and indeed infinite whole.

Walled garden for writing and meditation


Join me for a meditative approach to developing your work, whether you’re writing memoir, fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry. This workshop teaches writers how to drop into the present with the kind of curiosity and concentration that allows you to make deep discoveries and find new connections between ideas formerly thought unrelated*, and to access material from your own life experience to share in profound and powerful ways on the page. This course is for writers of all stages of evolution; whether you’ve been dreaming of writing but haven’t quite put pen to page just yet, or you’ve been at this for some time.



  • Learn simple ways of deepening your powers of concentration to support creativity and flow
  • Learn to become more aware of the ever changing river of thoughts and emotions which connect with your life-narrative and so understand your thoughts, words, and actions with greater clarity ( unpacking cause and effect)
  • Identify life events which have turned you in some way, shaping your choices and motivations, and how they might be used for story
  •  Explore gentle movement and meditation as ways for developing greater awareness and compassion that soothe the heart and open your writing
Quiet spaces for walking meditation and writing

Each of us has unique gifts, experiences and stories longing to be made manifest. Please join us for a day of nurturing support in a safe, compassionate environment for you and your writing. Light vegetarian lunch will be provided. If you have specific dietary concerns, please let me know. We will do what we can.

WHERE: 1839 S Halsted Street

WHEN: Friday, May 6, 2016, 9:00am to 4:00pm

CONTRIBUTION: $150 before event, $175 at the door (Sign up with a friend and save $20 each!)

TO REGISTER: Purchase here. If you have questions, please use the form below. Thanks!

*mushrooms grow in community, not as separate entities but part one giant, interconnected organism



4/21 (6-8pm)
5/15 (12-2pm)
6/16 (6-8pm)
$30 each

Let’s start spring with a spiritual clean out. After a long winter it’s good to cleanse not only the body but the heart and mind too. Get ready to move closer to finding your own unique gifts and the capacity to share them with the world.

Discover how you can compassionately transform your heart and mind for greater peace and happiness.

You will learn:

  • to cultivate gentle yet sharp and clear awareness of the body and mind
  • how to apply the lessons of your newly developing awareness from formal practice to your every day life
  • how to hold yourself with greater compassion and acceptance
  • how to work with “negative” emotions
  • how to create greater sense of flow in your life
  • how to find your own happiness right here and now

The best attitude to come to the class with is this: simply open curiosity to see what will happen. I can’t tell you what will change for you, but I can promise you that if you come, something will indeed change.

Sound good? Sign up now!
Registration and payment required  to reserve your spot.

What to bring:

  • wear soft, comfy clothes- layers are good
  • journal or notebook
  • something to write with
  • yoga mat

Other Details:

Where: 1839 S Halsted St (just south of 18th St.)
When: 4/21 (6-8pm), 5/15 (12-2pm), 6/16 (6-8pm)
Tuition: $30 per session
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Questions?  Shoot me a line and I’ll be glad to help you out.











By appointment. Sessions conducted in person, over the phone or via Skype, Google Hangout etc. Weekly assignments for reading as a writer and development of new material. $100-150