New 2013 Tai Chi Classes at ARC

Check out my schedule of de-stressing tai chi and qigong at the American Rhythm Center. You can sign up online for my 2013 classes now!



RoK’n 2nd Friday

RoK Teasely drew the  night away at Calm Chicago as part of last night’s 2nd Friday festivities.

All you had to do was give him three words and he’d make you a drawing, an idea he calls, “Drawing Out Souls.”

He made some lovely pictures and people really seemed to love the work made just for them on the spot.

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If you missed your chance to get a drawing, no worries. RoK will be back next month for 2nd Friday, July 13th 6-10pm!

Also, don’t forget, tomorrow Calm Chicago has 18-Form Qigong from 9:30-10:15, then tai chi from 10:30-11:30 in the morning. Hope to see you there.

Tai Chi Relieves Fibromyalgia

Check out the results fo this study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This is new work, published in 2012 shows (again) that Yang tai chi and it’s soft gentle movements help people suffering terrible pain feel better. 

I am happy to say, this is the exact form I teach at the center. So, please come in and try it. One of the things I love best aout treating pain with tai chi, no icky side effects as you’d experience from medication. And if you become addicted to tai chi as a form of exercise, you’ll just live a healthier life with less pain and more peace of mind.

Please know that if you have restricted or limited mobility, I can adapt the exercises for you. Anyone can learn this.Image


I’m happy to offer a new video that can help you with your practice.Image

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Master Jiru in Little Village for Tai Chi Dec. 11

Master Jiru will join us for class tomorrow!

Sunday Dec. 11 from 2-4pm for class in meditation, tai chi and sutra study. Hope you can make it for an enlightening afternoon of practice and peace together. 2752 S Central Park Ave. Chicago, IL 60623 Join Us!


Time Magazine says, “Tai Chi is the Perfect Exercise”

Check out this terrific article from Time Magazine and share it with your friends who may be curious about what all this tai chi business is.


Here is the link to the article.

I’ll just add that the article closes with saying that younger folks might need a greater aerobic challenge than tai chi presents. Maybe. Everyone is different but there are many forms of tai chi some of which move at a pretty good clip. Even the Yang 24-form which is normally done fairly slowly, can be done fast to increase the aerobic potential. And, I can tell you doing the form over and over, nice and slow gets my heart rate up to 135 easily.

As well, for advanced students, as you move through the form slowly, chewing on the fine details and uncovering the buried treasure for mind and body, one of the things you find is the forms natural centrifugal tendencies. This allows you to develop and make the most of those on many levels.

Let me know what you think. Come on in and try it out. Got nothing to lose but your stress!

Images of Impermanence


grasses bend down in winte

Form is emptiness ... emptiness is form
impressions of geese