Ditching Evaluation

What if- just for a little while today we gave up all that constant evaluation of everything, most of all, our own sweet selves.

Evaluation, while it does have an eventual place under certain conditions, is generally just a form of death in which we give up our choice.

Because if we decide ahead of time whether something is either “good, bad, friendly or mean,” we eliminated all choice and are basically saying I’m not actually here and have no reason to be because I already “know” how it’s going to turn out. And we write off others in their truth and so much possibility!

But part of the juice and excitement in life IS making choices as we step moment by moment into the beautiful wild uncertainty of life.


Rebuilding is So Invigorating. New things coming soon!

Just a quick shout out to say that this has been an intense, emotional, thoughtful, reflective weekend. I’m really in this place of thinking how I can better serve you all. And, finding my way to exactly what that might look like.


So, please a few things:

One. If you have ideas you’d like to share about what you’d like to see happening here, send ’em on! I’d love to hear what YOU all want.

Two. Look to see new, simpler, clearer presentations of offerings at Calm Chicago coming soon. I’m planning on doing fewer things but better! I think that sounds good and I hope you like it too. (Honestly, when I look at the site now, it feels diffuse, unfocused. Let’s change that up!)

Three. I’ve been having the niggling feeling that while I love the name Calm Chicago, it feels limiting too. Like what about other places where you are, where I might want to be some day. Also on a deeper level, thinking, reflecting on what I want this to be for you all and what name would best suit those intentions. Really, the simple version is I want to help you fulfill your potential, find ways to feel connected, relevant, and pursue lives if purpose. To help you clear out the barriers which we all run into. (Let’s face it, We’re human. We all struggle with stuff.) The trick is not to remain stuck, but to identify what’s in our way, what we can do to shift things and then clarify the steps needed to make those changes. (Definitely more on that later!) So, any idea, flashes on insight that you may have, feel free to comment here and share. I love to pull on the wisdom of the group and those whom I hope to serve.

Leaping with joy

Carpe diem. Carpe pacem.

Live your legend.




A Simple Truth


I’ve had this little fortune for some time and just found it while cleaning out the office. Consider a little Wednesday present.

Make a great day loves. 

Wisdom from Friends

Friends can be like angels.   

One of the great things about having smart, sensitive, compassionate and wise friends is that they say incredible things all the time that make me feel so grateful and all lit up and sparkly.  

Here’s one example:

My friend Steve and I were on the phone today. He said, “it’s when we are about to say something and we don’t know why that we have to stop and figure that out before we keep talking.”

And here’s another, from Kerry Cragin, from her Instagram account.

I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me. ( Tracee Ellis Ross)

What words of wisdom have you come across recently that made you feel uplifted, not alone, or just better all over? 


New Talks on Peace

Please give a listen to talks from my teacher, Master Ji Ru (Shifu) on how to develop a more peaceful life for yourself and everyone else too!

Stress Reduction with Mindfulness Meditation and Movement in Little Village

Please share with friends. You can reduce your stress right now learning simple mindfulness meditation and movement. Have peace right here, right now.

Excellent Intro to Buddhism

Buddha at Sunrise at MABA by Ven. Kongmu

What the Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula

This is a very clear and easy to understand introduction to Buddhism. It’s perfect for the beginner.

I have to say I’m enjoying re-reading it now though because it’s helping me see how to offer teaching while clarifying my own understanding at the same time. It’s one of those books we can read again and again and always learn something new.

No matter your faith or religious orientation there’s a lot to learn here. Interestingly, the Buddha taught that we should always keep an open mind and respect all religions. He taught that we should never say my way is the only way. Why? Because this makes the person speaking seem egotistical and demeans the spiritual path of another, thus bringing down both religions.

It doesn’t matter what labels we put on practices that are good and true,  Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish or Christian and so on… all that matters is that we all do our best to treat each other with kindness from an open heart. Consider this post then an invitation to explore a short text (only 65 pages) that offers much in the way of illuminating practices that help promote peace and happiness for our selves and all those around us.