The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves are so interesting.

It really is true that our focus determines our reality. If we tell a negative story, we tend to see how things are sucking and that quality of suckiness proliferates.

If we can see the good that is there, for real, not in a false, pollyanna way, we tend to write very different life narratives.


The more we cultivate lovingkindness for ourselves – simple acceptance of who we are right here and now, given the complexities of the ten million things, the causes and conditions which have formed us, the more we can breathe greater space into our heads and hearts allowing for greater potential and possibility to arise and be present.

The way opens to us for love of self, of others, for our work.

I think that I try and work with these ideas in my writing too. Seeing in my fiction, my characters for who they are, warts and all, accepting them as they are and knowing that they too in their own way, wish for freedom, for awakening, for that freedom shift that allows them to see that they are not defined by their past lives no matter how much suffering was there.


Like I have this one character, Louis. He’s a funny one. He tells a terrible lie in a moment of social/moral weakness, arising from his craving for a sense of connecting to community or something…still digging into that one.

Anyway, by the end of the story he has a serious and subtle but profound epiphany. But he hasn’t quite earned it yet. I have to walk with him further into the dark night of his soul and survive getting called on the carpet for his lie. He must face himself to earn what he comes to at the end.

This is one of the stories I want to work on in my writing retreat. I hope it will prove a useful process of growth for me as a writer and I hope it might be of benefit to future readers too. A kind of mirror. Or a bridge.

If this is something you can get behind, I ask if you might consider donating to my crowdfunding campaign to get to writing retreat.

I wish you happy reading and writing you glorious human beings you. We are all in this together dear ones. Let’s enjoy the embrace of the community, of the air around us, the sun, moon and stars.