Calm Chicago Has a New Address

2155 s china place unit bWe have a great new location in Chinatown Square. We owe many thanks to Dr. Richard Li, an excellent chiropractor who’s sharing the space with us. (So, if you need some tuina massage or an adjustment, we got you covered!)

2155 s china place unit b (above t-mobile)

Walking distance to the Red Line, Cermak and Archer buses, parking lots.

Check out our new class schedule.

We also have FREE classes to get everyone ready for World Tai Chi Day on Saturday, April 30th. Join us!

Drop by any time to see what we’re up to. Just call ahead since we’re not there 24/7!



Tai Chi Student’s Flash of Insight

A student had a major epiphany the other day. She emailed me afterwards. Check it out. So awesome. We’d been working on Tai chi stepping.

Thanks for the one-on-one session today. I tried to be mindful of things being empty and full–just during lunch hour–and there’s a lot, like maybe everything. Things have to be empty before they can be full, and vice versa. Wow–new concepts to consider!