Tai Chi Weekends

De-Stress Your Weekend

I’m changing the schedule up to return to my original practice of reserving the mornings for my own training, so I can better serve you, the students.

As the saying goes; One door closes – another opens. Many have asked for an evening class time … So, I’m happy to announce that starting today, in celebration of Spring being nearly officially upon us …

Friday evening classes at Ping Tom Park from 6-7pm. 

from park district web site

Every Friday, weather permitting. All welcome, no previous experience required. Just come in comfortable attire and soft shoes and let’s get started. $15/class.

This is a great way to end your work week and let go of the stress you’ve been toting around. Shift your gears to a lower speed and bring yourself the peace resulting from uniting the body, breath and mind. I’ll be teaching 18-form qigong, known as Shi Ba Shi and Yang 24-form tai chi (taiji).

Ping Tom is lovely – water, bamboo, cypress trees and flowers. Very very nice. So come join me. Together we can make ourselves and the world around us more peaceful one breath at a time.

Take a look at this neat article from Huffington Post about the many wonders of qigong.

And here’s another good one, about everyday benefits of tai chi. (also spelled taiji.)

The best way to find out, is of course, through your own experience. So come on out. You’ve got nothing to lose but your stress, anxiety, headaches, restlessness, agitation, worry, sleepless nights … and so much more.

And, please bring your friends. We’ll have a great time.


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One Reason To Get Ready for WTC&QD: Out Of A List Of TEN

#10 Reason to get ready for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day …. 

It’s FREE! You can get ready for this world-wide day of healing and it’ll cost you nada, zero, zip, the big goose egg ….

ok, we confess –  it’ll cost you the loss of some stress.

Bummer dude.

Tai Chi Student’s Flash of Insight

A student had a major epiphany the other day. She emailed me afterwards. Check it out. So awesome. We’d been working on Tai chi stepping.

Thanks for the one-on-one session today. I tried to be mindful of things being empty and full–just during lunch hour–and there’s a lot, like maybe everything. Things have to be empty before they can be full, and vice versa. Wow–new concepts to consider!