May all find peace.

The One Minute 52 Week Mindfulness Challenge.

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Here’s it is…

Want to really support sustainable positive change in terms of your stress levels?

Try our One Minute 52 Week Meditation Challenge!

Start today. Start right now.

All you have to commit to is being mindful for one minute at a time. You can use the breath as the object of your attention, or physical sensations in a small part of the body, or even listening to the sounds around you. The trick is to allow yourself to rest in awareness, on purpose and without judgements. Just observe.

Practicing this way helps us develop our ability to be fully present, accepting rather than resisting what is. This leads to greater happiness, balance, flexibility, compassion and health and much more. Taking even short breaks allows the mind and body to settle down, reducing blood pressure, lowering levels of stress hormones, reducing inflammation. We also do better at work because we are cultivating our capacity to focus, to attend to what is happening on a moment by moment basis.


In week one, meditate for one minute, twice a day. That’s it!

In week two, two minutes.

Week three, practice for three minutes…

…and so on, moving more mindfully through the year.

We’re here to support you. So, when you do your minute(s) let us know!

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We’ll share tips to help keep you going and applaud your milestones. Have questions? We’ll do our best to answer them.

Ready? Let’s go.

And remember, while you may see pictures of people sitting in a lotus position that is not at all necessary! We say, just start from where you are. So if that means sitting on a chair, cushion, bench, it’s ALL fine! You can even practice standing up! If you are bedridden for any reason, in a wheel chair…basically no matter what, if you’re breathing, you can practice. The idea is to be awake and alert. To know what’s going on right here and now in the present moment, non-judgmentally. Even when you notice the mind has wandered off, just notice. No feeling bad or feeling a sense of I should be able to do this better. Just notice. Be kind to yourself.

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“All of us are miraculous beings, with unimaginable potential for learning, growing, healing and transformation across the life span.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

We help reduce stress and violence and cultivate peace for communities through mindfulness meditation and other mind/body practices.

We see a Chicago and a World of peace. We make it happen with one mindful breath, one moment at a time.