We offer FREE Mindfulness Meditation
and Spiritual Friends Group


1st Saturday of each month
Time: 9-9:45am CST

1839 S Halsted St.


via Google Hangout


Free Guided Lovingkindness Meditations
most Sundays after yoga in Pilsen.


Please share and bring/invite friends.

Our focus is on compassion, kindness and generosity as a path to greater mindfulness, happiness and capacity to rest in natural awareness. Very much influenced by the meditation teachings of Thich Naht Hanh, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Sylvia Boorstein and Sharon Salzberg; the embodied yogic approach of Stephen Cope and in alignment with the Dalai Lama’s statement that his religion is kindness, we offer these community meditations, teachings and sharing as spiritual friends freely. This gathering is totally non-sectarian and open to all people of all faiths, traditions etc.

We’re also aware that we live, many of us, fragmented and disconnected from family, friends and each other, Our hope is that this group can be a help, a support allowing us to maintain and develop a string circle of supportive friends interested in living kindly, authentically and with generous, compassionate presence. We welcome you to join us.


We’ll do a little meditation practice together and talk about where we struggle in our practice. Lose our tempers, feel cranky and so forth. This is a total no-judgement zone where we are all safe to just be who we are, as we are. Our goal is to help each other stay the course of practice in the face of what Jon Kabat-Zinn calls the “full catastrophe” of living.

Feel free to bring your own meditation bench, cushion, yoga mat, etc. We’re looking at using Google Hangout (or something like that) for this in the future, so you can join us where ever in the world you are! Stay tuned for more about that!

RSVP requested.  

Please refrain from wearing colognes or perfumes. Silence all cell phones and devices.

Please share with friends.

Make today and every day wonderful.
May all find peace.

from www.rawforbeauty.com
from http://www.rawforbeauty.com

Calm Chicago was in  Millennium Park  2012!

Thanks to the City of Chicago for the great opportunity.


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