All I ever wanted to be since I was a child holding a crayon in my fist, was a writer.

Since 2003, I’ve used my passion for story to help companies tell the stories that build trust and engage with potential and current customers. I’ve ghost written a popular book on growing and caring for African hair naturally, written community and corporate newsletters, blog posts, created both strategy and content for marketing and pr. I’m experienced at writing for both online and print marketing and promotions. I also have significant experience in the NPO world and love writing for a great cause.

One of my greatest strengths is taking highly complex or technical materials and making it clear and accessible for the non-technical audience.

I spent a number of years working in literary agency and so have expertise in book development and editing, YA, biography, as well as literary fiction and creative non-fiction. As a direct result of the agency work, (and several years teaching writing in universities all over the Midwest) I coach writers. 

My current niches of expertise include mindfulness, wellness, arts and culture, books and healthcare.

I’m a real border collie about meeting deadlines and making sure that what I write for every client is the best it can be. I like to have the big picture in terms of specific client goals, strategy and audience. This way I know that when we work together, you’ll be happy. I’m no stranger to SEO and understand how to write effective content. My work helps drive hits, build audience, and increase sales. I know how to work with your team and pull together to get the job done.

Also, I’m a writer of memoir, creative non -fiction and fiction. I have a short story collection titled, “The Reason Vincent is Alone,” (under revision) and novel in progress, “Sea of Tranquility.”

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please feel free to share this info with any of your friends or colleagues who might be a good match for working together.

Namaste, Hillary Johnson
hillaryjohnsonwrites [at]gmail[dot]com


I’m a sailor and dark chocolate fan. My spirit animal is a border collie/cattle dog mix.

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