Ditching Evaluation

What if- just for a little while today we gave up all that constant evaluation of everything, most of all, our own sweet selves.

Evaluation, while it does have an eventual place under certain conditions, is generally just a form of death in which we give up our choice.

Because if we decide ahead of time whether something is either “good, bad, friendly or mean,” we eliminated all choice and are basically saying I’m not actually here and have no reason to be because I already “know” how it’s going to turn out. And we write off others in their truth and so much possibility!

But part of the juice and excitement in life IS making choices as we step moment by moment into the beautiful wild uncertainty of life.


Impermanence. It’s a bitch. Or is it? 

Impermanence. It’s a bitch. Or is it? 

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4 Ways Meditation Changed Her Life 

Something that makes me super happy in working with my coaching clients individually or in groups, is when people are able to identify for themselves the many positive influences and benefits that formal meditation and (less formal) mindfulness practices, bring into their lives. 
It’s so exciting when people can see for themselves the many profound changes that they’ve experienced. 

Today one of my wonderful clients was able to identify for keyways and what her life was better: 

1. Able to deal in healthy ways with school and relationship challenges 

2. Able to remain more focused and less distracted by worry or anxiety 

3. Increased overall social engagement and wellness 

4. Emotional intelligence has increased significantly, resulting in much more emotional control and resiliency. 

One of the things that I think is so important to keep in mind, and I feel like it’s a niche that my work really occupies, is that frequently people think mindfulness is another item to check off a to do list. 

It’s not! 

It’s something that can be a seamless part of everything we do enhancing our happiness and appreciation every day of our lives. 

There’s only one thing we can control in life and that is our reaction to what’s going on. Mindfulness can help us to drop the catastrophe brain and be happier no matter what.

Wishing smooth sailing to all.

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From #StephenCope “The Great Work of Your Life” Merton here catches exactly the spirit of Thoreau and Anthony and Tubman — and all the others. These great exemplars of dharma each took a craftmanlike view toward life: Do your daily duty, and let the rest go. Polk away systematically at your little calling. Tend the garden a little bit every day. You do not have to exhaust yourself with great acts. Show up for your duty, for your dharma. Then let it go.” 
What is your little calling? 

What makes you feel on fire with purpose?

What is your gift to the world?

What actions do you need to take to make it all real?

Saturday Meditation Happy Hour

Feeling stressed?

Do you sometimes wonder how you got here, when driving, taking the El, or walking from one room to another because you realize you have no idea where you’ve been?

Do you want to feel more inner happiness and peace?

Do you want to feel better able to deal with life’s many difficulties and challenges?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Most of us spend between 50-95% of our days lost in mind-wandering. Meditation can help.

Jack Kornfield advises us that each aspect of our meditation will open in its own time, like a flower.

Join us to discover what he means. In this gentle class, you will learn to simple and profound methods for living a life of greater presence and happiness.

You’ll also:

  • increase focus and concentration
  • adapt better to change
  • learn to deal with difficult emotions
  • increase compassion for your self and others
  • see the bigger picture
  • and much more


WHEN: Saturdays 9-10am
WHERE: 1839 S Halsted
TUITION: $80/month or Drop in tuition $25/class

And please, bring friends!


Thanks. May all find peace, Hillary


Narrow Mind

A narrow mind makes us crazy and angry.

A wide open mind allows us to be free and happy.  

First I read something about this in a book by Zen Master Seung Sahn.

Then I came to know this truth directly. When I look I see this lesson literally everywhere.  
It makes my life easier each time I remember it.

Thankfully don’t know mind allows me to rediscover this each and every moment afresh, without judgement.

Remembering is the trick! And if I forget? No problem. Just begin again. We can all do this. 

No judgement. For real. 

It’s very freeing.

What’s your experience? Please share in the comments below. 

Wishing you all peace and happiness no matter what. 

Make today amazing.

Carpe diem. Carpe pacem.


Notice Ceasing

We all notice right away when the shit hits the fan.


I ask you though…

When was the last time you noticed tension or aggravation fading away?

Today try this practice.

Anytime today when you notice feeling unhappy about something, some situation, interaction, physical, mental or emotional experience… try observing the feelings you have in the body, the heart or in the mind and just watch. Can you also notice when it begins to fade away?

Doing this helps us deal with stress more easily. And, is a great reminder that whatever is going on is not permanent because we can observe that fact directly for ourselves.

Which we can easily enough forget. But the truth is EVERYTHING comes and goes.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you. Wishing you all peace and happiness dear ones.