Please enjoy these guided meditations. You’ll find some of my own as well as links to sites for many wonderful meditation teachers across the globe. I urge you to experiment and see what resonates with you.

Please feel free to share the link to this page if you feel it may help someone else too.






Guided Meditations by Hillary Johnson






Basic Beginner Meditation

About 15 minutes long. This meditation is a good place to start with your practice, helping you find your breathe and get your body into a comfortable sitting position for practice.

Awakening to the First Two Noble Truths (inspired by Sylvia Boorstein’s text, It’s Easier Than You Think)
About 20 minutes long, this meditation introduces the idea that basically, pain is going to happen, as a natural part of life but that suffering is totally optional.

Guided Meditations from Tara Brach






Offerings from Sharon Salzberg





Jack Kornfield








Sylvia Boorstein 




And Sylvia, if you chance to see this, one day I must come study with you.