A new look for the face of stress-reduction in Chicago

Our new logo designed by David Eastman

I’m pretty excited to announce that we’re really close to nailing the new logo for the center. It’s been really interesting to work with David, who brought a lot of sensitivity and insight (and determination) to getting the job done. I wanted to move away from the yin yang that it seems every taiji school on the planet uses, as being a little cliché. But, I still wanted to maintain some representation of it since it is such a deep and central concept to taiji practice. There was also a desire to keep the look simple. Additionally, I wanted to try to convey one of the other ideas at the heart of our practice and teaching- that is a notion of single pointed mind. So, all together wanting a clean look that would also have a touch of the energy and determination that is also an essential part of developing daily meditation and taiji practices.

I’m very grateful to David for his great work. So, we may see some final tweaks before we call it done for sure. But right now, here it is.

Let me know what you think. And of course, we hope you’ll come visit us and get your own practice started. We all know there is plenty of stress in Chicago and no time like right now to start getting rid of it. You can learn more about Calm Chicago: the mind & body center at our website. http://www.calmchicago.org


Half-day meditation,taiji, qigong retreat

Sunday June 13 1-5 pm Calm Chicago invites you to join us for an afternoon of extended meditation. We’ll practice alternating periods of sitting, standing and walking meditation with qi gong and taiji for a more dynamic meditation.

Both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome. The afternoon will be structured so that you can leave your stresses and worries outside the door and enjoy a time of pure, focused practice, giving your mind a true rest.

Light refreshments, water and tea will be served.
Donation: $25
Please silence all cell phones, pages etc. before your arrival.

Advance registration required.
RSVP via web site: http://www.calmchicago.org
The center is located at:
2147 S Lumber Street Suite 504 Chicago, Il 60616

I look forward to seeing you there.


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