Simple Guided Meditation 

I’ve noticed in the past few years, that many times when speaking with people who are new to meditation, that they have a lot of ideas about how one must practice that are not quite accurate. The sad thing is, that these ideas then serve as barriers to them giving meditation a fair try.

In fact the practice of meditation is fundamentally quite simple. John Kabat- Zinn says that really all we are trying to do is to pay attention, right here and now, in a particular way, that is nonjudgmentally.

Formal meditation practice just means that we’re doing this practice of paying attention to our moment to moment experience, bringing our awareness to what’s going on right here and now, on purpose. We are intentionally bringing our mind into the moment instead of all the places that usually goes. ( Worrying about the pat and future…sometimes quite endlessly.)

  This activity does not necessarily require any special posture or extraordinary flexibility. Our goal is to be alert so that we can wake up to reality. I think this is where some of the misunderstandings about posture come from. Simply we want our body to be in a position which is going to promote our awakening. This means if we were slumped over, the signal that we’re sending to the brain is that it’s time to nap not wake up.

  You can meditate sitting or standing. You can also meditate when walking or doing other activities but I’ll address that another time. For now let’s focus on sitting meditation.

You can meditate sitting on a special cushion, a meditation bench, or whatever chair you happen to have at home.

I hope that you will try this short guided meditation that will help you get into a comfortable, upright and alert posture that will best support your meditation practice for today.

Please know that there is no right or wrong way to do this. By which I mean to say, that of course your mind is going to wander. That is the nature of mind. The mind is like a puppy it wants to run around and investigate everything. We would never holler at a little puppy for doing what comes naturally. When the puppy of the mind wanders off, your only job is to do your best to notice, recognize, acknowledge and gently return to the breath. No matter how many times you need to do this, each time meeting your mind wandering with tenderness and compassion.

 Basic guided 15 minute meditation  


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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