Be Willing

To constantly rewrite your story. Not just a story that you tell to the page, but the story you were writing that is the narrative of your life.
Be willing to crossout, draw arrows here and there indicating possible mis- directions and options.

What you have written already is not set in stone. Not even close.

In fact, who you are is so much bigger than the sum of whatever the story is that you’ve written so far, the things which you have done or not done, choices you have made and not made. 

Actions and inactions carry equal force.

Everything is up for grabs, so just freaking go for it!

If you want something badly enough do whatever it takes to get there even though the process is messy, and sometimes painful. In the end you will know you have done the best you can, and that as Robert Frost would have it (basically) will have made all the difference.

No go on. What are you waiting for?

Feel like you need a permission slip?

Fine then. Here it is:

Please fill in your name in the blank below: 

____________________, has complete and full permission to seize the day, to become whoever she needs to become and do whatever it takes to get there. To follow her passions, color outside the lines. Live the most creative authentic and vulnerable life possible. 

I set me intention for my own truth.


Date: ____/_____/_______



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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