You Can’t Un-See the Truth.

Once we see the truth we can’t un-see it. Once we see that we are doing things, or have habits that are unhealthy for us we cannot un-see that.
We can also see that when we are doing things and have habits that are beneficial for us, we know this is true and cannot un-see that either.  
It’s easy to know in our hearts when what we’re doing is right. And it is very difficult to turn away from that truth. If we turn away from the truth we only create suffering for ourselves.
I have discovered these things to be true in my very own experience. I know that Yoga makes my body feel great and also helps release my heart and my mind from stress.  
I set my intention to do my practice every day without expectation or grasping, but merely to see what it is that I’m working with today and my body, my heart and my mind.
What will you do today to support your truth and your best self, to move closer to your true calling?IMG_0141


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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