Mindfulness and Work

Maybe you’ve heard about meditation or mindfulness and wondered if you could help you feel better and do better at work.

Perhaps, you’re just feeling super stressed out from work, and technology overload and wondering what might help you feel more grounded.


I have good news for you.

You can feel better and getting started can be simple.

Even a few minutes of meditation each day is enough to get you started and feeling more peaceful.


To ease your search for info, I’m going to periodically round up a few good articles to share with you all.

There are so many great pieces out there about the positive impact that meditation has on us in our workspaces and more coming out all the time as science continues to prove true what experienced meditators have known from time immemorial.

Meditation changes our brains for the better allowing us to feel happier regardless of external conditions, to be more engaged and empathetic, more compassionate for ourselves and others. I like to think of meditation as going to the gym for your heart and your mind.


(And by the way, you don’t actually have to sit on the floor to meditate. You can use a chair!)

Here are four quick reads that give you a sense of the many wonderful potentialities of meditation. Enjoy!

1. From The Chicago Tribune, Aug. 2012 “Be More Mindful for a Better Workplace” A very accessible article highlighting the benefits of the clarity that mindfulness brings to the workplace.
2. From Forbes Magazine, April 2015, “Future of Work: Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice.” A very readable article which highlights not only a terrific who’s who in businesses using mindfulness but also a great review of key benefits and measurable outcomes.
3. From the Harvard Business Review, an article about mindfulness and management issues. 
Still have questions? Give me a call and I can help you get started with guided one-on-one or group sessions. 312-714-4563
Your happy place is waiting for you.

Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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