Crowd Funding Part Two

Dear ones, I’m doing a little more crowd funding, a few dollars at a time, to attend that retreat on meditation and writing with Dani Shapiro (author of amongst other things, “Still Writing”)
Thanks to you all amazing people, we raised the $ for the retreat tuition but now find the air fare gift of Freq flyer miles won’t work. So, now trying to raise about $250 for the RT airfare from Chi to Albany, New York. It’s just so close, I can feel it!
Donations of all sorts are welcome, none too small. If there’s any chance you might be able to help that would be awesome. And if you know of some lovely soul, who also might be interested, please consider sharing if you feel so inspired.
Remember, as a thank you for all who join, I’ll be offering a meditation and writing retreat and online materials this spring, after I have time to process what I learn from Dani. If you have not read any of her stuff, I encourage you to check it out.
I can take donations any number of ways. PayPal is easy and if you say the money is a gift, they don’t charge any fees. (The email is: I can also take cash, check, Square, Venmo. What ever is easy for you!
Many thanks for considering helping me make this happen. This is very much the direction all my Calm Chicago work is heading. And I have to say finally, that two things in particular have solidified my resolve just in the last 48 hours.IMG_0278
1. My dear friend andteacher, Swami Sankarananda advised me to go and do whatever it is I am going to do with my absolute best effort and always aiming for the highest good, the most benefit for all beings. I believe that means for me to keep writing, meditating and helping others by teaching those two things in concert with each other.
2. The death of David Bowie, who was such a instrumental force throughout my life, from the time I was about 7 throughout high school, on into college and even now. (More on this later.) If you didn’t know, he once was on the brink of becoming a Buddhist monk but when he asked his teacher, Trungpa Rinpoche, describing his feelings of being torn between being a monk and being an artist musician, he was advised to stay an artist because that is how he could be the most benefit.
That these two messages came to me within hours of each other is not lost on me.
I say it here. No more fucking around. Pardon the curse word for emphasis. I have lived going back and forth, beset by indecision. No more.
I hope that you may be able to join me on this journey. May our words and meditations be of benefit to all beings.
Wishing you peace and happiness in 2016.
Namaste, Hillary

Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

4 thoughts on “Crowd Funding Part Two”

    1. Andrew, thank you so much for asking! You make my heart jump up and down. You can contribute via PayPal, which is you say the money is a gift, they will not charge any fees, which is very nice. That’s probably easiest if you feel okay with that. In the future, I will likely get hooked up with either IndieGogo or Patreon but for now this seemed a good way to test the waters for a specific event. Again thank you thank you for offering. So kind. Blessings, Hillary


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