Ok restlessness, kill me!

Just a quick share here. I’m laid up on the couch with a spasm in the low back but I can still read.

Here is a great bit from Jack Kornfield’s book, Meditation for Beginners. 


One of the struggles we encounter in meditation is dealing with feelings of restlessness. I’ve experienced times where the desire to move for no real reason other than feeling that crazy squirrelly feeling so strongly that I wanted to jump up and scream came over me. Times when it felt like to try sitting there was going to kill me. 

And ole Jack…why does he say to such feelings? 

What can you do in the feeling of restlessness is really strong? You can continue to sit and say, “OK, kill me. I’ll be the first meditator in history to die of restlessness.” In that moment, when you are willing to remain sitting even though you feel you were going to die, the restlessness changes. What makes these states so powerful is our resistance to them. But the moment you accept them, they lose a lot of their power. It is the resistance to them that makes them so difficult.

The next time you’re feeling squirrelly on the cushion, the bench or your chair, try and stop resisting. Just sit there and feel it.

And please, of course, let us know how it goes. Love hearing from different meditators around the world as we embark on this journey together, fellow travelers, seeking peace and happiness right here and now.



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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