Just one question for you.

What’s one thing in your life about the way you think, speak or behave that you most wish you could change?  
And this is not to bring up any judgment, criticism, or shame. This is simply an invitation to step courageously into our vulnerability, and see what’s there. And knowing, as Brene Brown puts it, that we are hardwired for struggle. We are made to get through this. We can get through this, and as Sylvia Boorstein puts it, we can get through our struggles with a bit more grace.

And, this exercise is not just to make a list and be like wow, that’s depressing. But rather to create a list that will really help us make the kinds of changes that are really aching deep in our hearts, souls and minds for transformation. Myself I’d like to be more patient.

So how about some full disclosure here? 

Myself, I’d like to be more patient. Some years ago I got a tattoo on my left wrist just on the inside of it so that I could see it wherever I was in whenever I was doing and be reminded. 

Pause. Breathe.

Take a break. 

See what feels real but may not be true. Beware of the other person’s perspective. 

I’ve gotten so much better with this but I find usually lately that it’s not the big things that drive me bat shit crazy, but sometimes the little things totally catch me.

I’d also like to deepen my practice and meditation so that some of the old dragons  in my heart and mind can continue to wear themselves out so that I don’t feel so much like stepping away or pushing them down when those bad ole boys rear their ugly heads.

I want to practices as Pema Chodron  suggests in facing these dragons and demons directly, neither pushing them away, suppressing them but rather embracing them-looking them straight in the eye and without any judgment just observing so that slowly slowly over time they will wear themselves out and no longer have the grip over my emotions and cognitions that they may have once had.

 Something that I find very helpful to remember on a daily basis lately, is simply this; that every moment is the very perfect teacher. And that moment is available to us at all times. How fortunate we are to have this wise teacher available whenever we can be aware of its presence. 

So seize the day friends. Seize the peace. And make today amazing.

   And I’d love to hear from you below what are you struggling with, what would you most like to change, and what things have worked for you in the past? Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing. Together we can make the world be the change we want to see. More love, more compassion, More empathy.



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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