Two Reasons Meditation is Great for Your Brain 

1. It deactivates the part of the brain associated with constant story telling, the default mode network. While I like a good story as much as anyone, the storytelling associated with this part of the brain is not of a helpful variety. The DMN tends to get stuck, perseverating endlessly, and keeping us from seeing what is actually going on in front of us. 

2. It gets different parts of the brain talking to each other, including activation of higher functioning parts of the brain, associated with greater focus, concentration, cognitive and emotional control. We get a sense of here-ness that allows us to drop into the present moment, see what IS as opposed to the distancing story we might otherwise spin.

And that as Robert Frost would have it, can make all the difference.

And this, the practice of mindfulness, of meditation, is how we can enter a more creative and innovative space whether we are trying to paint a picture, write a legal brief or figure out how to get through the holidays with more grace. 

And best of all it’s how we generate greater peace and happiness as we become more whole and authentic, connected to all that is.

“The thing that you are seeking, is seeking you.”  Rumi 



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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