River of Nonjudgmental Now

All we have is this moment right here and now.

Maybe we’re not so happy with something about how this right now is. In this case we have two choices.

Beat ourselves up about it. Perseverating over and over on our perceived failures. Which naturally will lead to a lovely downward spiral culminating in something like I suck at this. Why do I even bother? I’ll never amount to anything. 

You get the general idea.


We can choose to restart. Reboot. Begin afresh right here and now.

In this scenario, we can just skip the whole Eeyore routine. 

The Buddha said that we can start from wherever we are. How wonderfully freeing! 

So, check in with yourself for a moment now. Just sit and breathe. What’s going on? Just recognize whatever that may be.

How are we doing in relation to whatever’s happening right here and now? 

Can we allow things to be just as they are? Can we pause together and let go of struggling a little bit?

Perhaps we can gently investigate as if we were some friendly social scientist, what’s going on with this member of the tribe of human beings, this situation.

This way, we’re making a little bit more space in our hearts and minds for what could be, rather than being stuck in some stories playing in our heads like so many DVR movies.

This way we can see, directly, through our own experience that whatever is happening doesn’t define us. It’s not me, not mine, not who I am. Not a permanent condition but just some passing conditional weather.

And as Bugsy Malone said, “Everyone deserves a fresh start every now and again.”

Make today a beautiful and amazing day loves.



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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