The Eye of the Heart

I find this line of St. Augustine’s this morning while reading Liz Gilbert’s book, (long after everyone else has, but that’s another blog post) while drinking morning coffee.

But backing up a second.

First there was this line, which moved me to immediate tears in its urgency or risk of sentimentality, a quality for which creative work may be frequently derided, but which I value most highly, when it works. When it reaches inside the heart of experience and points THERE and we see something true, and sometimes our hearts break open a little, in recognition of this truth.

Here it is:


“…heartbreaking inability to sustain contentment.” ( well there’s the story of most of my life!)

Which followed by the St. Augustine, let’s us see very clearly how if we can “restore to health the eye of the heart,” we can solve our most pressing and poignant problem. We forget who we really are and feel sad and alone. 

We can through yoga or tai chi or kung fu or perhaps other physical practices ( I know runners who say running is like this for them, something I can barely wrap my mind around because running feels like agony to me, even for a single, measly mile) pursued not for their superficial, physical benefits but as spiritual practices per se, prepare ourselves for the work of still meditation which works to even further heal and open the eye of the heart, awaken our recognition of our true divine identity. 

But, I started this just wanting to say how grateful I was to find these lines and share them here with you. 

There is of course which could be said, but there is work to do, tests to study for, and moving plans to make. For me, further contemplation, further writing about this, will have to wait for another time a bit later.

May you all restore the eyes of your hearts to health. 


Thanks so much for stopping by. 


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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