The Daily Intention

So, I know this comes a bit late in the day, but hey, better late than never yes?

It took a while for the clarity to arise. My mind is blowing like the wind with pockets of stillness with so much going on in life just now. 

And God, am I ever grateful for those pockets.

Today I intend to not rush about in body, speech and mind.

I intend for the body , to move at a pace which will allow me not to rush. Planning things I have to do, how long they will take me, how long will it take to get from here to there; so I don’t feel that panic of rushing. A little planning and forethought can go along way.

For speech, today I intend to take a few breaths each time before I speak. Today’s gonna hold a few special challenges, so this is going to be a very useful practice.

For the mind I intend, to do my best to stay aware of where my mind is. To notice when it is rushing thinking about planning the move, planning when I’m going to write papers, planning when I’m going to do the research for writing the papers, thinking about planning when I’m going to do the outlines for the research for writing the papers, and so on. You get the general idea. 

Because I realize that being a grad student, a faculty member, a researcher teaching mindfulness to a fairly stressed population, a wife, a person planning a move for our home, my husbands kung fu school, our meditation center, a person planning to launch a crowdfunding initiative, a person with family and friends who also are suffering a need time and attention, and my own self we need self-care, loving kindness and compassion: all of this means that my mind is alternately like a happy puppy full of excitement and sometimes like a monkey howling and swinging from limb to limb up-and-down high and low with no rhyme or reason where I go to next.

So instead of resisting this, I bow to it. I will allow spaciousness to accept that this is how it is but also set an intention, a commitment, to notice when the mind has run off, and then to gently call it back, and ask it sweetly to sit and stay. Over and over. With patience and compassion.

What is your intention be for the day? The next hour? Next minute? 

May all find peace.




Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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