The Daily Intention

What’s your intention today?  

I love the idea of having intention. I picked this up as I’ve begun to practice yoga. The idea that we come to the match each day with some simple idea for our practice really appeals to me.

Perhaps because I’m such a terrific over-complicater. This means that when I try to set an intention for each day or for each session of practice, I find it very challenging to make it simple.

Do you have that challenge too?

So here’s my intention for today:

Stay present not panicked. Stay with each breath.

This is an especially busy time. So it’s very easy for the mind to go spiraling in various directions.

I’d love to hear from anyone out there who also works with intentions and might be willing to share how you do that and what kind of things are important to you as you form your intentions each day.

May all find peace.



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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