Compassionate Listening

The assistant and his sidekick say today is lazy Friday. They suggest we all take a moment here, and perhaps realize that it’s okay.  
We don’t need to grasp after our happiness only on the weekend (if your job is m-f). Happiness is here right now. But if things begin to feel difficult at work…Maybe things get a little crazy, we can pause and practice compassionate listening. 

We can ask deep in our hearts, “What does this person/this situation need most right now? 

Listening and inquiring this way makes our own hearts open and soften. We can accept what is more easily without struggling quite so hard against it. We handle the difficulties of life (and there’s plenty) with more grace and ease. 

When we practice this way, we make the world a tad easier for everyone around us. 

Merely by listening compassionately, pausing, listening to our hearts, and then Responding rather than reacting, we make the world a little bit better that day.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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