Rebuilding is So Invigorating. New things coming soon!

Just a quick shout out to say that this has been an intense, emotional, thoughtful, reflective weekend. I’m really in this place of thinking how I can better serve you all. And, finding my way to exactly what that might look like.


So, please a few things:

One. If you have ideas you’d like to share about what you’d like to see happening here, send ’em on! I’d love to hear what YOU all want.

Two. Look to see new, simpler, clearer presentations of offerings at Calm Chicago coming soon. I’m planning on doing fewer things but better! I think that sounds good and I hope you like it too. (Honestly, when I look at the site now, it feels diffuse, unfocused. Let’s change that up!)

Three. I’ve been having the niggling feeling that while I love the name Calm Chicago, it feels limiting too. Like what about other places where you are, where I might want to be some day. Also on a deeper level, thinking, reflecting on what I want this to be for you all and what name would best suit those intentions. Really, the simple version is I want to help you fulfill your potential, find ways to feel connected, relevant, and pursue lives if purpose. To help you clear out the barriers which we all run into. (Let’s face it, We’re human. We all struggle with stuff.) The trick is not to remain stuck, but to identify what’s in our way, what we can do to shift things and then clarify the steps needed to make those changes. (Definitely more on that later!) So, any idea, flashes on insight that you may have, feel free to comment here and share. I love to pull on the wisdom of the group and those whom I hope to serve.

Leaping with joy

Carpe diem. Carpe pacem.

Live your legend.





Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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