Loving Kindness Meditation for Sept. 11


Hi there dear friends, It’s Sept. 11. In honor of this day and with a sincere desire, a deeply held wish for all beings to feel the fullness of genuine loving kindness, I thought I’d like to share this  guided meditation with you all. It’s a particular favorite of mine. It was originally created by the great teacher and environmentalist, Joanna Macy. I decided to record my own audio of it because I’d not found it anywhere yet, though surely it must exist somewhere. I know that sometimes, it’s very nice to have someone else guide us through a meditation rather than reading it ourselves. If you enjoy it, and feel so inspired, please feel free to share it freely.

Why does this practice matter? Because like dominoes which children line up so they can watch them tumble over, sometimes in wonderfully complex configurations, one hitting the next and the next until they all fall over, so our lives are like this too. Each moment touches the one which comes immediately after. And so each moment of our lives is most affected by the moment which has proceeded it. Therefore, if we practice to cultivate a heart of loving kindness we will feel a greater peace and calm ourselves, moment to moment. The ripples of our own peaceful hearts are endless. In this way we can do our part, gently and with care to transform the world. We need only begin with our own gentle, tender hearts.

I hope you enjoy this guided meditation. I encourage you to practice it daily. It’s only ten minutes long. This way we strengthen the muscle of our kind open hearts and slowly this sense of compassion becomes just part of the natural way we interact with the world. I know sometimes, it’s not easy. We all struggle. But perhaps this can help us remember how all beings struggle and help us develop a tender care and concern for ourselves and all beings.


May all find peace.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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