The Best Prayer…

…is simply Thank you. 

 It allows space for whatever IS. It lets us cease our unnecessary struggling. It acknowledges and accepts. It recognizes that even the hard-feeling things we must face, as well as all the joyfull things, all moments have the capacity to be our teacher; we just need to see this and understand. Be open. 

How do we do this? 

Through our own direct experience. 

If we can try to just be in each moment as well as we can, mindfully open to seeing the unfolding moment, without adding a story to whatever is going on,   we can find the space, or the grace, to be thankful. Silently whispering thank you to ourselves, can help us pause and recognize the teacher. Which is also, of course, ourselves and the moment itself. 

Is it Thank you a prayer or a mantra? Does it matter? I don’t think it does. We can say it aloud or silently, which ever feels right to us. We all start from where ever we are. The labels don’t matter. More important I think, is the intention to be present, mindful and compassionate, full of gratitude.

May all find peace. Make the rest of Sunday amazing loves.  



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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