Stand Guard but Gently

  Stand guard at your mind and heart. Do your best to keep out greed, anger, aversion. But when you encounter them in there, don’t become self hating. Try approaching your discoveries with love, with curiosity, patience and compassion. If you can learn to still your mind some, you’ll be able to see the roots of these problems, where they arise from. And then like a good gardener of the heart and mind, slowly you’ll be able to weed them out. Not only that, but the space you make will allow you to plant flowers of compassion, clarity, and wisdom. This process means that the ripples you spread out into the world will always have the intention behind them to do good by reducing harm and increasing what is beneficial. #WeAreInItTogether #Compassion #Vulnerability #MindfulMinute #CalmChicago


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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