What time is it?

We are so glad you asked. 

Still just this: 


Whatever is happening right now, I want you to pause. Presumably you’re reading this posting on this website. Okay. Very nice. Now try this. Right here and now. 

Take your hands off the keyboard, or the mouse or the device. And just let your hands rest in your lap. Or perhaps on a desktop. It doesn’t matter.  

 Just breathe. Feel yourself breathing. Feel the stretch of the body around the lungs. Feel the belly expand and contract, just like a little balloon.

Very nice. Now go back to work and see if you can bring your awareness with you. Because what time is it?

Well now you know the answer that one don’t you?

Like this? Join our one minute meditation challenge. 

And thanks so much for stopping by. My all find peace and happiness. 



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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