Happiness Hacks for Women

They’re Back!

Recently, I’ve received a LOT of requests to make this workshop available again. Check it out! Share with a friend or colleague who just needs a little help to make their lives super awesome.
woner woman power pose

Happiness Hacks For Women: A Ruby Slippers Workshop

Dates:  By Appointment

Class Info

It may come as no surprise to you that women feel chronically under-empowered. However the key to changing that is in our own hands. Come learn practices, tailored just for you, that will help you feel authentically more yourself, more comfortable, more empowered, confident and strong.

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to change your brain’s chemistry for the positive
  • How to be authentically more confident by changes body language and hormones
  • How to reduce stress by embracing change
  • How to increase happiness that leads to success
  • Simple daily tools for happier living
  • About the connection between compassion and happiness

Includes course materials. Two 2.5-hour sessions. Workshops can be arranged just for you or for a group’s special interests or concerns too. We can do this course in person or online, by the way, via Skype or Google Hangout.

What to bring

Notebook/journal and something to write with.

Tuition: $250


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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