All is Change…

…Just look at the weather!

Yesterday was nearly 80 and today is about half that. It’s 48 here in the Windy city.


And what do we do? We complain.

Maybe yesterday some said, “Oh, it’s too hot!” And today, some will say, “Holy cow, it’s too cold!” We joke and say well, this is Chicago after all, give it five minutes, the weather will change. Funny thing is, where ever I’ve lived, that’s what people say. But we like to dramatize the weather. We talk as if the weather was personally out to mess us up, individually. Given what we know about global climate change, I’d say, it seems rather more the other way around.

But, here’s the thing; in terms of our personal suffering on account of things which change on a moment to moment basis:everything is like this. When we complain, we only make things worse for ourselves.

Suffering arises when we resist what is. Whether it’s the weather or sickness, old age, even death. None of these things can we stop. We all go through them.

What helps alleviate this unhappiness is learning to practice mindfulness that shows us the true nature of reality: the constant flow and change that is the very essence of all things including ourselves.

Through mindfulness we learn to observe without judging and in this space we can find our freedom, our happiness.and the realization that we are all in this together. We can experience this in every breath. So when you are feeling tossed about by change or feeling small and alone, pausing to breathe can restore our balance and connection to all things.

This is simple but not easy. So we have classes, like Meditation Happy Hour and free 2nd Saturday Mindfulness groups. Give it a try. We’d love to see you here.

And for today…don’t like something weather or otherwise? Try taking a breath and just saying, I consent or This too. It allows us to soften to the moment and accept what is. I picked those up from Tara Brach’s amazing book, True Refuge, which I totally recommend.

Remember, you got this! Make today amazing loves!



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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