Your Focus (and your beliefs) Really Do Determine Your Reality

And in case you’re feeling skeptical…here’s some psych and neuroscience to back it up.

  • Very often, what we believe to be true can be more powerful than anything
  • What we believe changes not only our minds but our bodies too


So, for example, if we believe something will be hard or dangerous or stressful or just plain suck…Guess what? If will be hard, dangerous, stressful and sucky…but possibly, only to us. What we believe acts like a filter, or  a pair of glasses if you will, that colors, forms, shapes our experiences.

Another example.

If we believe our experience will be overwhelming; that we’re not up for it; if we lack courage or the heart for what’s coming – we’ll suffer emotionally, mentally and physically.


If we believe that we are capable of handling what’s coming, that we are up for it’ that we have the courage and the heart to deal with whatever is going on – then we flourish, we thrive: our bodies and our minds deal are fine. Stresses are there but it’s okay. They are there but we’re not suffering.


We die less.


When we intentionally set out to do things to help others, maybe through a simple reaching out; a call, email, social media shout out; maybe just a simple smile and a wave, a compliment to a stranger; a random act of kindness; getting up and giving your seat to someone on the train or bus because they have bags or look tired and could use a break; actually going and intentionally helping others – maybe with a little volunteering or perhaps in the choice of our careers (you see how this covers the full spectrum of our possible experiences) – when we help others, we find that not only is that warm fuzzy feeling its own reward,..


We die less.

Still not sure? Check out this amazing short TED Talk, by health psychologist Kelly McGonigal.

And remember, your focus and your beliefs change your reality. What will you choose to believe today?Be like the lotus flower, no matter how challenging is the environment, it spread its fragrance and non of mud water can attach on the leaves.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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