Healthy, Mindful Eating.

I’m very excited to say that this week I’m meeting with another teacher whose focus is on healthy eating. She and I are thinking of doing some collaboration in our teaching together.

I thought of her as I was making this morning’s breakfast. Instead of food that will make me feel heavy and sleepy, I’m really focusing, after this winter of cold and so much sitting and studying (Graduate school prerequisites), on foods that make me feel healthy, energized, and light.

  Around Christmas time we bought a Neutra bullet. It’s the new model with 2.3 hp if you can believe such a thing! It makes wonderful soups and smoothies out of vegetables and fruits. I’ve been feeling a little inflammation, so this morning I really wanted to make something that would help tone the body down. Here is what I made:

  Green apple, banan, avocado, lemon (Without the peel -Sometimes I include the peel or little bit of it but it can make a smoothie a little too better for my taste.), cinnamon, Himalayan sea sal, coconut water, coconut milk (unsweetened), super green super food (a mix of various things like chlorella, alfalfa grass, wheatgrass, Oatgrass and Spirolina and even green more stuff), flaxseed, Chia seeds.

  I just cut everything into big chunks threw it into the mixing container and let it go through a cycle. I added a few ice cubes to keep it really cold and add a little bit of froth.

  Delicious. And so easy. I’m excited for a little spring cleaning for the body. And I wish the same for you. What recipes do you like for smoothies? Why not share them here and we can work together to get healthier day by day. 

This is mindfulness of eating. Noticing the way foods make our bodies feel, and being aware of where the foods come from, and the many hands it is taken to bring the foods to us. I like to include in my mindfulness of eating, some moments of gratitude recognizing the many hands and conditions the brought the food to our home.

Another nice thing about these kind of smoothies is that you can put them in a to go container and take them with you to work. Just stick them in the refrigerator and when it’s lunchtime or you need a snack, the shake it up real good and you got something healthy and delicious. I like doing that because it’s just one more little reminder of how to stay mindful in a busy workday.

May we all find health and peace.  



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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