Happy Hour

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the places we live but for the home inside, under the hoods of our hearts and minds too!

Spring has just got Calm Chicago busting out all over with new classes to help get you feeling really happy. And I don’t mean just your mood. That kind of happiness tends to come and go as fast as the weather changes in Chicago. What I’m talking about is sustainable, authentic happiness that comes from deep inside. The kind that lets you find your worthiness switch to the On position and keep it there.

So here you go, our newest class. Happy Hour!

Class Info

Ease into your weekend by giving your self some headspace and much needed balance in body and mind. Let your tension and stress melt away with an hour of gentle, mindful movement, stress management tips and guided meditation. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by stress, this class is for you!

Students learn by doing and sharing in this fun, interactive, experiential class. You’ll learn to create mental space, cultivate emotional intelligence, work with negative emotions, do quick centering strategies.

Come as you are. No special clothing or gear needed, though I suggest you can bring a notebook to record your new happy insights.

What to bring

A notebook and writing implement

Tuition: Just $20
Date: Saturday, June 6
Time: 12-2pm



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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