College Students Discoveries in Mindfulness


Here’s a few more great excerpts from student reflections on mindfulness practice. We’ve been adding mindful movement exercises to the sitting practice. You can read for yourself how the minds of frantic students are being slowly transformed:

  • Mindfulness really helps you relax your mind and lets you focus on what’s important.
  • I enjoy listening to everything. It makes me happy to hear all the little things.
  • I did the arm raising exercise again from yesterday. I started to notice how the stretches made me feel some sadness even though I had nothing to feel sad about. It was weird. Then I tried to Habit Releaser of walking around. I noticed all the new trees planted that I never saw before. I also saw a few new faces in my neighborhood too. It gave me time to reflect on how you learn and see new things every day.
  • During meditation, I was feeling great. I wasn’t stressed and I continued to relax my mind and relax all the muscles in my body. I let all the noises around me help instead of distract me from my meditation.
  • Today, I began by cleaning my house starting with my room. I wasn’t trying to get it done fast but being mindful of the experience. I took time to sort and organize the clothes in my closet, my shoes, my DVDs, and my comic books. Then I moved in to the dishes in the sink, feeling the liquid soap and warm water on my hands. Next, I moved to mopping the floor, noticing the back and forth motions of my arms.
  • Today, I start with the arm raising and some shoulder rolls. I opened the window in my room and feel the nice breeze coming in and refreshing the atmosphere of my house. Then I relaxed on my bed with my eyes open and visualize the world at peace instead of encompassed by disorder.



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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