Reading Books

Reading books can be no good but it can also be very good. I think it depends how we listen to the words in the page and what we do afterwards. Do we try to see if it’s true and if true, do we try to practice? Then it’s good to read. If we only keep as concepts in the mind, a toy for thinking, what good is it? It might even harm us by making us feel like some kind of smartie, superior person, but then we could treat others badly. Then it’s no good at all. We should try our best to act from love all the time and help others get relief from suffering. 


This book is the one I’m reading now. I will try to do my best to let the teachings pierce me and act from a pure place. God knows I’ve not always done so.  

May all be free from suffering. May all find peace and happiness. These things are for everyone. Happy Tuesday.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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