No matter what we have going on, it’s easy to forget that nothings stays. Especially in times of stress, coming back to the moment however we can, can be so healing. As we arrive in presence and drop our judgements and criticisms of self and others, which are often kinda harsh. (I know. I’m a pro at it!) Those harsh opinions can only fence us into fixed ideas which may feel real but are not true.

photo by Hillary Johnson Feb. 2015. No use without permission
All photos by Hillary Johnson Feb. 2015. No use without permission

When my own mind is too busy for sitting meditation, I often go for a walk instead, focusing on the steps I take, one by one, or on the breathing or just seeing in the moment, without labeling or judging. Trying to keep a beginner’s mind, that sees and doesn’t get caught up in concepts. Just staying aware, awake as much as I can to the flow of the moment. Right here and now.


Opening to what is.


Giving myself permission to take a break for my own well being.

When was the last time  you did that for yourself?

It’s not selfish, it’s self care.

If we don’t care for ourselves, we can not be of much good to anyone else either.

Love yourselves friends.

May all find peace.



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

4 thoughts on “#ThisWillChange”

    1. I’m with you Otto. Living in the city as I do, I hit the lakefront as often as I can but try to make chunks of time to really get away into nature.
      How would you describe what that does for you?
      And thanks so much for stopping by to say hello.


      1. I live in a city (well sort of commuting between two), but I try to take trips in parks, mountains along the sea as often as I can. Either short walks or hiking over the weekend for instance. It all gives me peace in my mind and replenish my energy and exuberance.


      2. I’m with you. Even a short break in a nice park can really restore my sense of balance. And being on the lake front or any giant body of water. I’m working on a series of photos on the lake here.

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