Checking in with the body can help us navigate more happily through the holiday season.


Instead of going through the holidays on auto-pilot, we can mindfully ask ourselves, How does doing this actually make me feel in the body?


The holiday season can be a joy-filled time. It’s also notoriously good at putting things on our to-do lists that we don’t actually care to do and which may not actually be necessary. We might believe that some traditions are iron-clad and are that which can not be changed. But they can!

We also tend to believe that we’re the only one feeling weighed down. This is usually not true either. A simple conversation can open the way to discovering that we can do things differently.

Christmas Tree old fashioned

Try this: bring to mind some holiday tradition or item on your to-do list and see where and how you feel it in the body. Activities which bring us joy and happiness makes us feel light, energized, excited, and connected. Those which don’t can make us feel the opposite. Ask yourself, what will really happen if I didn’t do…x?

Your holiday might suddenly get a whole lot happier and well, holiday-like.

Leaping with joy

Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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