Holiday Mindfulness Tip

A lot of food gets wasted during the holiday season. Ironic in a time in which we celebrate abundance. This year, let’s do it differently! Here’s an easy tip for how.


Christmas Trees

Mindfulness Holiday Tip Number Two:

Clean out your fridge.

Get rid of anything that’s gone over the edge. Accept that reality without self criticism or recrimination. Move on and try to do better moving forward. If you can, compost it.

Ordinary kitchen waste

But, if that’s not an option for you, like I said, move on. Just try to be mindful of what’s in there. I’ve got a strategy for that in a minute.

When I look at a messy, clogged fridge, where things are topsy turvy, it just bums me out. When I see that mess, I want to close the door and just order take out. Actually anything existing at that level of chaos in my life: office, apartment, bedroom, is a sign of imbalance and a clear signal that I need to pay attention and be more mindful. Clean that shit up.

One very easy way to keep that clean, well ordered feeling in your refrigerator is to shop more frequently and buy less stuff. Try buying only enough fresh food for a day or two. No need to buy the whole bag of apples when two or three would do. And while variety in a salad or mixed cooked vegetables is highly recommended do we really need 20 bags of things. How about buying just one of each? Those giant bags of bargain veggies are no bargain if we waste most of it. Better to buy one or two and actually use the damn thing that watch it rot in the bottom or back of the fridge.

For those of you who just groaned over that because shopping takes too long, I offer this. When I shop for just a few items, I get it done fast. I go into the store, not with a list always but a clear intention to buy, say, only what I need for dinner today and maybe tomorrow.

I keep it simple. That means I’m in and out of the store quick. I find I actually kind of enjoy that as a mindfulness excursion, a kind of grocery shopping meditation. Look at all those colorful fruits and veggies! You can look and enjoy the aromas without bringing everything home with you. It’s like a food museum!


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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