Creativity and Compassion: What if we assumed basic goodness as fundamental?

It's Only with the Heart

There’s a lot of talk in education, in the workplace, politics, as well as in our personal and spiritual lives, about how we might find more creativity, wholeness, authenticity etc. What if we approached what ever we did, from a place in which we see ourselves and all others as possessing innate goodness, (rather than brokenness), and by taking our most fundamental nature as good, kind, compassionate, and loving.* I’d like to posit that when we allow our thinking, acting, speaking to arise from this assumption, we fundamentally change the world for the better.


By allowing ourselves to rest in this natural presence based on innate goodness, we foster an open awareness of what is unfolding around us, just as it is and by resting in this awareness, by BEING in it, rather than trying to DO anything or FIX anything, we create the opening, the space, for creativity to arise. And the more we think, speak and do things this way, the more that creativity snowballs in all areas of human endeavor. And because this conception of the world, of our universe comes from this place of goodness, we begin to live, work and love and practice faith in ways which open doors, break down barriers and solve the exciting and very difficult problems we face today.

What do you think? Please write to share ideas here?

Wishing happiness and freedom for all,


Hillary Johnson, Founder, CalmChicago presents 'Mindfulness and Meditation'


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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