Workshop: Setting Better Boundaries!

Boundary setting is one of those skills that SHOULD have been taught in college. The ability to set healthy and positive boundaries can improve your romantic and social relationships, your career and even your connection with your family. If any of the following phrases sound like you, then this 2-hour workshop is a great place to start learning how to set healthy limits and improving the quality of your life:

– My work life balance has become all work and no life- I am constantly busy, doing things I don’t really enjoy- I am always doing things I feel like I “should” do, even though I don’t want to- I stay late at work frequently instead of going to the gym, the grocery or seeing friends (let alone dating!)- My family pushes me around and I’m not comfortable saying no to them- If I just had a little more (time energy money), then I could really pursue my dreams

Join Certified Life Coach Katy Flatau of Mindful-U and Mindfulness Instructor Hillary Johnson of Calm Chicago and explore why you have trouble setting boundaries, learn how to be more comfortable saying no and create an overall framework to lead a more centered and balanced life.

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Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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