Client Love


I just can’t resist sharing this feedback from a recent one hour meditation class at Calm Chicago.

I’d like to everyone know that my first experience with breath in and our for peace/Hillary was wonderful & extremely helpful. Hillary is a very nice, warm & welcoming person that makes you feel comfortable within seconds of speaking with her.
I was able to relax, calm down & let go of a lot of stress with her coaching in my first try at meditating. Breath in and out for peace by Hillary is not only money well spent but a MUST TRY & I’ll be back for sure. Thanks Hillary!

Sigh… like I say, trying to change the world, one heart, breath, mind at a time. It makes me so happy to see people reduce their own suffering. The ripple effect of that is endless.

Be like the lotus flower, no matter how challenging is the environment, it spread its fragrance and non of mud water can attach on the leaves.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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