Thursday Inspiration, “Never Give Up,” by Diana Nyad

Hey there all you seekers of meaning, happiness and freedom,

This will be brief. I’ll let Diana Nyad, one of the greatest swimmers and inspirational role models ever , do the talking.

Fun Fact: In high school I was a competitive swimmer. I had a hard core Russian coach, a former Olympian. Her voice came out of her body like she was commanding an army in the midst of the deepest Russian winters. You could call it penetrating. She was hard, hard, hard on us.

I was lazy. Whenever she caught me being lazy, she’d make me swim the longest event in competitive swimming at that time, a mile basically.

Well, I was lazy a lot and you would have thought I’d learn but I’m also hard-headed. So, I swam a lot of miles in practice and had to do them a lot in swim meets.

It taught me many things, one of which is also a Diana Nyad mantra. “Never, ever give up.” Thankfully, after Diana swam finally, successfully from Cuba to Florida (no one else has EVER done this) she gave this awesome TED talk.

Enjoy and when you’re feeling lazy, kick yourself in the butt and find a way.

Swim on swimmers. Never ever give up.

Carpe Pacem,



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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