MD Means: Meditation Relax

Calm Chicago is offering a new group class called, “MD Meditation Relax.” 

(Logo design by Brittany Thill)

In these classes we’ll focus less on doing and more on being. You’ll be guided through a series of meditations and gentle movement designed to allow your heart and mind and body to get the rest and healing they so badly need.

Come as you are from work or from where ever. No special anything needed other than a desire to heal your suffering, lessen that feeling of unsatisfactoriness that can creep into our lives, and put down that burden of stress we all carry. Though if you have your own meditation cushion, bench or yoga matt, feel free to bring that along.

Classes are one hour long with about 45 minutes of experiential practice of meditation and 15 minutes for q & a and conversation at the end of practice.

Sign up for four classes per month $50 or eight classes $80

Monday evenings 6-7pm and Saturday afternoons 12-1pm

First full session Starts September 6, 2014. Class limited. Advance registration required. Credit card via Square.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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