Free 30 Minute Mindfulness Break!

Even our weekends can get pretty busy and this is supposed to be our “down-time.” Sometimes we feel that we need to do everything, squeeze in everything we just have to do. That list can be awfully long, right? Because we’ve got laundry, house or apartment cleaning, shopping, bill paying, and other living essentials. Then we’ve got all our activities: people to see, movies to watch, experiences we want to have…whatever. There’s tremendous pressure to do it all.

All that doing can leave a person feeling a little fried and fragmented. Quite the opposite of what we intended. In fact, all that running around and feeling pressured is what leads us to trying to multitask, even on our weekends! And all that dividing of our attention is no good for our brains. It actually fragments the firing of our neurons making it harder to pay attention to anything. In neuroscience they say, “what fires together, wires together.” This means that for instance in the case of meditation, we are reuniting parts of the brain and getting the neurons to fire and wire together for greater attention capacity amongst other things.

So, join us for a mid-weekend break for free. And give your brain and your mind a rest.

This will be a free call-in event available via Zoom. 

Join from dial-in phone line: 
    Dial: +1 (415) 762-9988 or +1 (646) 568-7788    Meeting ID: 970 893 559     Participant ID: Shown after joining the meeting The password is: Peace

All you will need is a phone and 30 minutes! Hope to hear from you tomorrow!



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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