Stress-Free Summer Starts Now.

Well, almost now.

If you just can’t wait, feel free to book some stress-reduction, way-finding, kick ass, one-on-one time, with me right away. You can even pay for coaching, workshops and mini-retreats online now. (This amazes me because though some people may say otherwise, I am not a very hi-tech person by nature – at all – which is why I’ve been a Mac-girl since the first desktop Apple gave us back in the dawn of time, when I was a junior or senior in high school. But all that’s another story.)

We’re super excited to  partner with Belli’s Local Food and Juice Bar

…recently written up in Zagat’s as a place to totally check out, by the way…just sayin’. At each of our retreats, you’ll enjoy a 10% savings on all Belli’s juice bar juices too!

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Here’s what’s happening at Belli’s:


FREE! July 26 3-5pm

Mini Retreat: Dumping Your Stress and Finding Happiness  – Find happiness by quieting the mind to find your calm inner core.


Four Saturday’s in AUGUST 3-5pm
Ala carte or buy a 4-retreat package for just $60 ($20 savings!)

Aug 2 Mini Retreat: Weeding out Anger and Cultivating Patience and Compassion 

Find happiness by quieting the mind to find your calm inner core. Join us for an amazing plunge into stress-free living! We’ll explore mindfulness practices to quiet the mind and cultivate calm. We’ll also explode a few of the myths which keep us from finding our true path of purpose.

10% discount off Belli’s yummy juices during the retreat.

Out of consideration for sensitive noses and lungs, please skip the perfume and cologne for this program. Thanks.

2014-05-02 10.02.09

Aug 9 Mini Retreat: Creating Positive Relationships and Community

In this mini-retreat we’ll look at ways to develop more positive relationships at home and in our communities by looking at what gets in our way and then considering new ways of engaging.

You can also sign up for the whole month of mini-retreats and enjoy one whole retreat for free!

10% off Belli’s juices during the break too!


Aug 16 Mini Retreat: Finding Your Purpose 

Don’t we all want to feel that our lives have meaning and purpose and joy?

Of course we do. Sadly, many of us live inside a cage of our own making. Imprisoned by believes that we can’t have it, or it won’t ever work out.
News flash! We can have our life dream, what ever that may be. New work, love, meaning, dog, sparkly thingie. This retreat will help get you get started by giving you a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Also, enjoy 10% off delish Belli’s juices on the break.

You might also want to sign up for the whole month of mini-retreats and really let August be the month of the no-stress, all-new you getting hatched.
So, what are you waiting for?
$60 instead of $80 for all four retreats. Bring friends and family with you.


Aug 23 Mini Retreat: Finding Inner/Outer Balance or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Be

We spend most of our time either worrying about the past or the future. The thing is, not of that helps us be happier or accomplish more. In fact, all that stressing can get in the way of us making progress.

At this mini-retreat, you’ll learn a few things about letting go, doing and being. You’ll feel pretty darn good too. By the time our two hours has gone by you’ll wonder how the time went so fast.

So join us for this one or try all four retreats for $60 (enjoy one of the retreats for free.) Also, save 10% on Belli’s yummy juices during our break. Brings friends and family. ($20/person)


Got any questions? Shoot me a line and I’ll be glad to help you out.

Thanks so much for stopping by and please, share with friends and family.

Wishing you well as you find your true and joyous way.



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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