Baseball Time is Okay Too

I should be working on something now, but think I won’t.

Why? Because it’s almost Red Sox time and today I want nothing to interfere with my baseball time.

Especially since we are coming up fast on the All Star Break and that means trades and that means the Boston Red Sox might trade Jake Peavy to the St Louis Cardinals, which will make me cry big hot baseball tears because some things in life should just not be done. Not Ever. Hear me Boston Red Sox? Which leads me to think hard about those great team combinations that happen… like this one in 2004:
18 Johnny Damon CF
11 Bill Mueller 3B
24 Manny Ramírez LF
34 David Ortiz DH
15 Kevin Millar 1B
19 Gabe Kapler RF
33 Jason Varitek C
12 Mark Bellhorn 2B
3 Pokey Reese SS
45 Pedro Martínez P
(A bunch of ruffians they said. But we won.)

So there’s that! 

So now, perhaps a song? Sing it with me – Sweet Caroline with Neil Diamond.
Play Ball!

What does this have to do with mindfulness? Everything. Why? Because sometimes we need to rest and play too.

Happy Tuesday everyone. May your day be fine.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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