Good Attitudes for Meditating

Bhante Gunaratana is one of the worlds great teachers of meditation. He’s written some of the best books on the subject. Here below are brief highlights of his guidelines for the right attitudes for successful meditation practice. I present them here because it’s so easy to go off the rails, especially if you don’t have a good teacher nearby:

Remember when sitting:
1. Don’t expect anything
2. Don’t strain
3. Don’t rush
4. Don’t cling to anything or reject anything
5. Let go – flow with the changes
6. Accept everything that arises. Don. Condemn yourself for human flaws and failings
7. Be gentle with yourself. You’re all you got to work with, be kind.
8. Investigate yourself. Question everything. Don’t believe stuff just cuz someone wise says it. Check it out for yourself I. Your own experience. We are aiming to wake up to what is real- to gain liberating insight to the true structure of experience.
9. View all problems as chances to learn and grow. Everything is your teacher. Hint: this way we’re grateful for it all!
10. Don’t go off thinking. Just SEE!
11. No focusing on contrasts. Breathing is universal. Just watch what perception does to our senses and perception itself. Get the ego outta there!

By all means, send your questions, observations to me. And, stay tuned for an opportunity to participate in a group phone conversation and lesson in practice, coming very soon.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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