Non-Judegmental Monday

Let’s declare today, June 2 as Non-Judgemental Monday!

In “Full Catastrophe Living,” Jon Kabat-Zinn says, ” Mindfulness is cultivated by paying close attention to your moment-to-moment experience while, as best you can, not getting caught up in your ideas and opinions, likes and dislikes.”

Why does this matter?

Because when we do this we start to see that we are all constantly having adding all kinds of things to our experiences that may distort our view of what is actually happening. We don’t see clearly. We see as if looking through the special lens of our own internal and mostly unconscious preferences and aversions. 

This puts us on an emotional and stress-filled roller coaster all day long. No wonder we’re tired at the end of the day! Think of all the times you are heading to work Monday morning. How many stories and preferences do we have about that!? A lot! 

Blue Monday

Ugh Monday

Wish it was still the weekend.

That person at work who is not your favorite and you’re already thinking about what they are going to say or do before you even get there!

And on and on. Just another day. Another chance to great it as it is, with nothing added. Let’s see what happens.

Try it. Sit and just breathe and see how many times your heart and mind are having all kinds of opinions about things, some of which aren’t even actually happening right here and now. Once you notice this, don’t freak out. Just have a sense of humour about it. “Oh there it is again, my old judging mind!” And just let it go without judging that too! God, having opinions about our opinions. That’s even more trouble for us.

Just noticing them is it’s own magic. Practicing meditation or mindfulness in day our day to day activities is about learning to just watch, just observe. No need to do anything. Just keep coming back to the breath again and again. That’s it.

Happy Monday everyone.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

2 thoughts on “Non-Judegmental Monday”

  1. The practice of non-judgement is hard but so worthwhile! I used to carry Aquamarine crystal with me as it is a great soothing throat chakra clearer/non-judgement stone to carry with you for energy and a reminder of this great message. 🙂




    1. Thanks for stopping by. Maybe you will find non-judging easier if you don’t have any opinion or judgements which render it “hard.” When we begin with just noticing that the judgement is happening, that’s already success. Most of the time, we just are on this autopilot, unaware of what’s happening. Most of the practice it seems to me comes from getting out of our own way and thinking that things are supposed to be some where or the other; the way we want it to be based on our ego-based desires. Me, mine, I are real judgement generators. Sitting and just observing and letting it all flow by, as if we were made of air, allows us to approach things without getting snagged and they can just blow right through us, without us getting attached.


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